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Our studio is located central of Melbourne, South East. 
We have facilities for Photography/Video & music Production. 
Services we provide include; Recording, Audio Engineering/Mixing & Mastering, beat-making/Music Production and Photography Studio Hire.
we also have an in-house barbershop, convenient for anyone looking to freshen up before photo shoots!

SERVICEs & PRicing

Recording Sessions

 • $300 (Plus GST) - 3 hour Minimum Booking.

+ $80 (Plus GST) per hour - after 3 hour minimum/initial booking.

+ $80 (Plus GST) per hour - for add-on Sessions or changes to existing Recording/Project.

Mixing & Mastering

• $300 (Plus GST) per track for Vocal Stems (with backing track provided).

• $250 (Plus GST) per track for Beat Stems.

• $450 (Plus GST) per track for Vocals + Beat Stems.

• $80 (Plus GST) per track for Audio Mastering (Included half price with above Mixing packages).

+ $80 (Plus GST) per hour for Production Alterations (Including re-structuring song arrangements, producing additional stems, effect automations, specific audio FX & glitches - tailored to meet individual requirements).


• 2 Revisions are included with Mixing & Mastering.

 • There is an additional cost of $80 per hour (plus GST) for additional Mixing & Mastering after any changes to original Production/Mix & Project Stems.

• A 50% deposit is required upfront/prior to work and full payment of open balance is due on date of service or completion of work.

• Deposits are non-refundable / bookings must be re-scheduled minimum 48 hours in advance.

Photography Studio Hire

• $50 per hour (Plus GST) - Minimum 2 hour booking (Including lighting equiptment).

+ $100 per hour for Photographer.

+ additional fees for specific background colours.

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